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Conservatory Roof Replacement North Wales

Make your conservatory the room you want it to be quickly and efficiently.

The North Wales weather will effect your conservatory.

When you first had your conservatory, it sounded a great idea. A room in the garden, with masses of natural light. It is meant to be enjoyed but when the room is affected by the weather and extreme temperatures it becomes less of a pleasant space to spend time in.

Too hot for much of the summer, too cold for most of the rest of the year. Many customers say they can only truly enjoy their conservatory a few weeks of the year. Polycarbonate roof panels become pitted and difficult to clean and can soon look unsightly. Conservatories with these types of roofs are noisy when raining and offer virtually no insulation. Even modern expensive glass panels offer limited insulation and more often than not, make the room a giant greenhouse. The glare of sunshine makes it uncomfortable to be in and offer very little ultra-violet protection, which apart from the obvious health risks, also can result in bleaching of furniture, carpets and other possessions.

With the rising price of energy costs, a poorly insulated glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof can drive heating bills through the roof.

Quality conservatory roof replacement in North Wales

At Resealed, we can turn your glass or polycarbonate roofed conservatory into comfortable living space. Our tried and tested specially insulated conservatory roofing solution is the simplest and most cost-effective way to make your conservatory the room you want it to be. Engineered using high-quality UPVC with a thick layer of insulated material, every roof panel is thermally efficient with a much lower a U-value than polycarbonate or glass panels, the Resealed Conservatory roof replacement system helps stop heat from escaping or entering the existing roof, driving down your fuel bills.

Resealed Conservatory roof replacement system panels are manufactured off site according to the exact specifications of your roof and accurately cut onsite. This means that the conservatory you’ve dreamt of is quick and clean and usually installed in one day. The Resealed Conservatory roof replacement system is compatible with most existing conservatory roof panel styles and are designed to prevent leaks and keep your living space comfortable and protected throughout the year. The Resealed Conservatory roof replacement system is designed to keep your conservatory bright and airy. The bright white uPVC surface refracts the light around the conservatory, so each panel can enhance the natural light in the room due to its reflective nature. However, if natural light is a concern for you, it is possible to insert or retain some glass panel sections when installing or creating a hybrid roof. The Resealed Conservatory roof replacement system will significantly reduce both external noise and the noise of rain on the roof, further improving the comfort and enjoyment of the room. When compared to traditional polycarbonate roof panels, our special insulated panels have superior acoustic deadening capabilities.

  • Cooler in Summer, Warmer in Winter

  • Advanced, Optional Sound Proofing Layer

  • Lower Heating and Air Conditioning Bills

  • CFC and HCFC Free

  • UV Resistant and Reduce Sun Bleaching

  • Weatherproof, Damp-proof and Fire Tested

  • PV on Both Sides and XPS Core

  • Hygienic, Easy to Clean




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