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Window repair services in North Wales

A typical double glazed window consists of the frame (usually uPVC, Wood or Aluminium) and the glass. The glass is usually two layers separated by a strip or spacer. This gap varies from a few millimeters in some old windows to almost an inch. The gap is sealed all the way around the edge of the glass, with the intention of stopping the inside surfaces of the glass from becoming dirty, steamed up or otherwise deteriorating. If this seal around the edge of the glass becomes damaged, the unit is technically referred to as ‘blown’.

The most common and obvious manifestation of this fault is when the unit becomes steamed up on the inside. This condensation looks unsightly enough as it is, but it soon causes ugly stains, which are impossible to remove without further damage to the window. Once a unit is blown it will continue to deteriorate over time until the window, ruina your view, looks unsightly and detracts from the appearance and value of your home.

The Cure

When a sealed unit becomes blown, or broken down, the easiest cure is to replace the glass unit, referred to as a sealed unit. The good news is this is probably a lot cheaper than you would imagine, and a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole window. The process produces little or no mess, is quick and simple. There is no alterations to your existing frames and no damage to walls or plasterwork.

Within a few minutes your view will be restored, the appearance of your house improved and pride in your home revived, at much less that you would have thought.

All RESEALED sealed units are professionally fitted, and guaranteed for 5 years. The existing glass can even be replaced with more energy efficient glass to save you money on heating bills, with stronger toughened or laminated glass for increased safety and security, or frosted glass for privacy,

The Process

If you have blown or broken down sealed units, we will visit your home and measure the offending windows. We can discuss options such as handle and hinge replacement, adjustments, seal replacements etc if necessary. ReSealed WILL NOT do any hard sell, or force you into something you are not 100% comfortable with. We will give you a price, which is GUARANTEED. If you need time to consider this quote, you are welcome to get back to us. Most customers are so pleased with our price they agree and go ahead with the order.

As the glass is ordered specifically for your windows, we require a deposit with the order of 50%. You are welcome to pay this by credit or debit card, to give you peace of mind. We carry 100% secure mobile card payment readers, so we can sort everything for you immediately. We then order your units, which usually arrive with us in about a week.

We will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient installation date, which is usually within a few days of the units arriving with us. We attend and remove the old units, cleaning, lubricating and adjusting any hinges appropriate to the units replaced, and then fit the new glass. If necessary, seals can be replaced at that time.

The process of glass replacement takes only a little time. We often replace the glass in a matter of minutes and there is very little mess. If you are happy with the finished job we then take the balance of the price, again this can be by credit or debit card if you prefer.