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Double Glazing Repairs in North Wales

For all types of double glazing repairs in North Wales.

In additon to glass replacement we can undertake all other repairs. The most common double glazing repairs we do include hinge replacement, seal replacement and handle replacement. Worn out hinges are the most common cause of draughts. We can replace them quickly and effectively with minimum cost.


Most double glazing hinges have a ‘horn’ which should fit into a ‘shoe’ on the frame side of the hinge, which then pulls the opening part of the frame tightly against the seals, helping to make a draught-free seal. Once this horn or the shoe becomes worn the opener is no longer pulled tightly against the frame, allowing a draught. This can eventually lead to a significant gap. Ironically, trying to fill this with draught-excluders can make the gap worse as it forces the frame and the opener apart.


Handles are also a common fault. The fault might just be cosmetic if the paint has faded or chipped off, or the handle may have broken off completely or even worse, may not close or lock, impacting on security, as well as draughts and heating bills. Fortunately, at Resealed we can replace handles with modern, lockable handles, meeting insurance company security requirements. We offer double glazing repairs throughout North Wales.


The seals around the frames that press against the plastic can dry out and crack, especially with the salty air common on the North Wales coast. If these seals crack and corrode they with no longer keep draughts out. Fortunately, we can easily replace these with much better, rot-proof seals.

So, if you think that your double glazing could do with a facelift, or draughts that are sucking the heat out of your rooms are increasing your bills, please contact us. We will happily call and give you a free, no obligation quote. We are confident that you find our prices very competitive and the work is carried out quickly, professionally and with no mess.